Superstar Shoutouts

It's been a brilliant year so far for our community, corporate and events fundraising. Between working to put together new activities and supporting our lovely fundraisers we haven't had time to stop, but we had to take a moment to give a few shout outs!​


Our cheerleading champ Lois, 9, at Royal Parks Half Marathon

Our cheerleading champ Lois, 9, at Royal Parks Half Marathon

  • Big shout-out to nine-year-old Lois Addison whose dad Paul ran for us at the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon! We've unanimously agreed she was our most enthusiastic cheerer.
  • Intrepid father-and-son team Derek and Stewart Kirwan trekked all the way to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and raised over £3,000 in the process. Top job!
  • Robert and Anna- Maria Gomez took part in the Via Francigena – an old pilgrim route from Canterbury Cathedral to St Peter's Basilica in Rome. The walk is over 2,000km long and obstacles along the way include the Great St Bernard Pass which is 8,200 feet high! Their youngest grandchild was born severely deaf, which inspired them to support us, and they have raised an amazing £4,635 so far.
  • Shout-out to our Virgin London Marathon runners who are smashing their fundraising targets already. Charlie Mullard has raised £1,000 by way of karaoke, beer pong and BBQ, and Susan Bowser threw an impressive garden party that raised £1,300. Thanks for all the hard work, and happy running!


Source: NDCS