New strategy and brand to overcome barriers for all deaf children

We have launched a bold new Overcoming Barriers Strategy 2017-2022 and brand to overcome the social and educational barriers that hold deaf children back.  See the strategy in British Sign Language (BSL) here.

Overcoming the Barriers strategy

Overcoming the Barriers strategy

To achieve this over the next five years we will focus on three fundamental areas.

  • We’ll continue fighting to improve the services received by deaf children and young people.
  • We’ll champion the development of good language and communication skills.
  • We’ll shine a spotlight on the importance of being independent and the transition into adulthood.

Underpinning these strategic aims will be increased use of digital technology to bring parents of deaf children together to share experiences.Central to this will be the introduction of a revamped website later this year, with a moderated, mobile friendly forum for parents and professionals, a map which pinpoints local deaf services and more tailored information for our members based on their needs, wants and interests.

We are also raising our profile as a global expert on childhood deafness so that more deaf children in other countries get the help they need.To support with this we have introduced a new child centred logo as part of a wide ranging brand update to have more impact, wherever we are working around the world.

Susan Daniels, Chief Executive at the National Deaf Children’s Society, said: “Our strategy is about changing deaf children’s lives and ensuring no child is left behind. By 2022 we plan to be the go-to place for information and support on childhood deafness globally, inspiring everyone to give deaf children the support they need. To achieve this we have sought to align our UK and international work, by bringing together previously separate websites and brands.

“Extending our reach has never been so important. Too many deaf children are still being let down by vital services and they still don’t have the same opportunities as hearing children. We will never stop working closely with them and their families to ensure our services evolve to meet their needs. We will never stop championing deaf children’s rights. Deaf children have a bright future, but only if, together, we break down the barriers they face”.