Young, deaf and talented: Scotland art student stars in BBC Big Painting Challenge

Deaf art student Ruaridh Lever-Hogg will appear on BBC One’s Big Painting Challenge on Sunday evenings, starting on 12 February.

Presented by Mariella Frostrup and Richard Coles, the show challenges 10 budding artists to pick up their paintbrushes in a bid to win the intensive six-week artistic contest.

24-year-old Ruaridh, who is profoundly deaf, beat thousands of entrants to become the youngest contestant to win a place in the TV show. 

Photo of Ruaridh

He said: “I don’t believe my deafness will affect me as higher visual perception has helped me become better painter. I always feel a thrill about any new challenge and hope to learn many a valuable lesson from mentors and art critics.”

Ruaridh, whose family was supported by the National Deaf Children’s Society following his diagnosis at the age of two, is studying for a Masters in fine art at Dundee University. Proud dad Gavin Hogg says Ruaridh’s talents first emerged when he was just a toddler and started drawing Mr Men characters.

Helen Cable, Director of Children, Young People and Families at the National Deaf Children’s Society, added: “Being selected for this prestigious TV show proves that, with the right support, deaf young people can do anything their hearing peers can.”

Tune in at 6pm on Sunday evenings and tweet your comments on #BigPaintingChallenge.