Researchers looking to improve hearing aid fittings – can you help?

Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Manchester are running a research study aimed at developing a new method for checking how well babies can hear through their hearing aids. This may lead to improved infant hearing aid fittings in the future.


Thanks to the national newborn hearing screening programme, we are able to identify hearing loss and fit hearing aids from a very young age. This means that children can get the right support with their  language and social development, right from the start..However, it can sometimes be difficult to tell how well a hearing aid is fitted to young babies; the Manchester study aims to address this.

The research team are looking for families across England and Wales with babies who have been identified with a hearing loss. The babies would need to be no older than six months at the start of the study. For more information, please download a Participant information sheet_[docx]

If your family would be interested in getting involved and getting more detailed information you can contact: Dr Anisa Visram, Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust / The   University of Manchester, Tel: 07543 228 856, Email: