Education Professionals Panel

We want to make sure that the support we provide to professionals who support deaf children’s education is as helpful as possible. Can you help us by joining our virtual Education Professionals Panel group and giving us honest feedback on our resources and policy thinking from time to time?

What we ask of you

We’re looking for professionals whose work involves supporting deaf children to achieve the best possible outcomes in education. This may be, for example, a mainstream teacher, a special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO) or equivalent, Teacher of the Deaf, a researcher, a teaching assistant or a representative from a national group.

Throughout the year during term time, we will aim to send out one request for feedback. This will usually be one request each month but, as our policy work is fast-moving, we may occasionally ask for feedback more frequently if this is needed (for example, to ask for feedback on a response to a government consultation document).

You do not have to respond to each request but we ask that you try and give feedback at least four times across the year.

We might ask you to read one of our resources, look over some content for one of our training workshops, watch a video, or give your opinions on ideas for new resources. Occasionally, we may also ask for your views on a burning policy issue to help inform our policy and campaigns work.

We will ask you to give your feedback through a short and simple online form, which we will send to you each month. We ask that you give your honest and open feedback, even if you think those messages might be difficult for us to hear. We would like you to give your feedback within three weeks of being sent a request to review something. 

Your feedback will be really important in helping us improve our work. Please note that, as we’re a charity, unfortunately we are not able to cover any reimbursement for your time or any expenses associated with giving your feedback.

What we'll do with your feedback

The information you give us will be anonymous - unless you agree otherwise. It will be collated by our Projects Officer who will then anonymise the feedback before it is shared with any members of staff within the National Deaf Children’s Society. The feedback will primarily be shared with and used by relevant colleagues in our Policy and Research team and our Information team.

Sometimes it might be useful for us to use a comment externally for example, when promoting a resource on our website but we will always ask your permission before we do this.

We will do our best to use and act on your feedback. However, please be aware that sometimes it’s not possible or appropriate to act on all suggestions.

If you’re interested in joining our Education Professionals Panel, please tell us about yourself by completing this short form. Once we have received your form, we will email you to confirm your membership of the Panel.

If you have any questions, please contact