Priority places scheme for events

Can you recommend a deaf child / young person to benefit from one of our range of youth events?

Could the child or young person you work with really benefit from meeting their deaf peers and other deaf adults? Would you like to see them taking part in activities that could help to build their self-esteem and confidence? We have a scheme which allows these children and young people to be put forward for reserved priority places on our events.

What is the Priority Places scheme?

We want to ensure our range of opportunities reach all deaf children and young people who may need our services.  Alongside some of our other work with professionals, we are now holding back 15% of places on our residential youth programme for those children and young people who would particularly benefit from attending an event.  These events includes training and sports/arts/leisure activities aimed at building self-esteem, developing a strong peer group, challenging negative perceptions and increasing their confidence. You can see the range of events on offer and all events are free to attend.


Who can I recommend?

There is no secret formula here it will certainly be a combination of factors that will determine how lead persons identify a deaf child/young person.
What we would like to do is to try and give a greater chance to children who really need that extra bit of help to benefit from our services. It can be a child who has previously attended an event if you feel there is still a strong need for this service.


How do I recommend a child or young person?

We have created a request form to be filled in by lead persons (Teachers of the Deaf, SLTs, Social Workers etc) which should ideally accompany the standard application form that needs to be filled in to book places on our events (or this must follow shortly after sending the request form).

Please note that there is a cut-off date for these places (between five and eight weeks before the event) so it is important to contact us as early as possible if you have a child in mind. After the cut-off date all priority places will be allocated according to need, we cannot guarantee that a request will lead to a place being allocated, although we will try to accommodate requests wherever possible.Please help us to reach out  to more deaf children and young people, think about the people you may work with, or whom you know, identify who would benefit from a priority place, and help give them that chance.

Event Priority Places Scheme form 20kb

Event Priority Places Scheme form


Useful reading and resources

Youth Activity Impact Report

This report looks at the impact that attending our youth events can have on the lives of deaf young people and their families. It includes: our achievements, feedback from parents and case studies.

Download  - Youth impact report

Making Socially Vulnerable Deaf Children and Young People a Priority 

'Making Socially Vulnerable Deaf Children and Young People a Priority' includes a summary of our priority places scheme and how we can support vulnerable young people to attend our events.

Download - Priority place report 2014 [pdf]


Contact details

You can find out more by contacting or telephone 0161 432 7297.