Our events

Our children’s programme is about more than just having fun. Our aim is to create a safe and deaf friendly environment for deaf children and young people to try something new, improve their communication skills, meet deaf role models, and gain confidence in communicating with others – whether it's with speech, sign or a mixture of both.

Sam went from shy (standing on his own when I left him) to leaving with ‘high fives’ from his new mates.  A very happy boy.  Thanks!

My son seems more confident before he would watch other children from a distance letting his sister sort out the introduction.  Now he is more willing to get involved from the start.  My son also now wants to learn to sign so he can communicate with other people.

Every year we offer a wide-range of activities so there should be something for everyone! The events are free if you are a member to attend and your child can attend one weekend and one adventure break each year. There is no limit to the number of day events. 

For more information contact our team of organisers events@ndcs.org.uk.

Application process

To ensure we have time to provide the right level of support to each deaf child or young person attending the event, and that we can offer opportunities to as many deaf children and young people across the UK as possible, especially those who have limited opportunities to meet other deaf children and young people we do not operate a first-come, first served booking policy.

The closing date for application forms is approximately 10-11 weeks before the start of the event. Places will be confirmed shortly after the closing date.

Parents or carers of children who have attended previous summer residential events should still send us an application form and can be assured that we will review every form we receive and consider every child for a place.

We also expect that more events will be available through our mainstream activity partners across the country, which are committed to our deaf-friendly pledge to make activities inclusive for deaf children. For more information on how to find a deaf-friendly activity provider near you click here. You can also watch out for deaf-friendly events listed on the What’s on pages.