Residential events

Our programme of residential events is all about encouraging deaf children and young people to challenge themselves and their expectations of what they can or can’t do. Children will sleep in shared rooms with others of a similar age. Boys and girls bedrooms are normally on a separate floor or corridor. The programme will allow for lots of time for them to chill out and make new friends. We are continually looking to create new experiences for deaf young people, including the opportunity to gain an award or qualification. No previous experience of any of the activities is required. Any equipment needed will be provided by the centre and will we send you a list of everything you will need to pack.

First time away weekends

Climbing boy (credit: NDCS)

These events are designed especially for children aged 8 to 12 who have never been away on our residential events before. If you would like your child to try an NDCS holiday but not sure if a week away from home is too long then this event will be perfect.

What's involved?

It’s one night away with our friendly team where children can enjoy a range of outdoor activities. There will be plenty of time at registration for you to settle them into their bedroom and help unpack their bag. In the evening, the group will have some free time and can relax with a DVD. You can text or call throughout the day to see how your child is getting on and we can pass on a good night message for you at bedtime.

Polly, 9, is moderately deaf with auditory neuropathy. She recently went on a First Time Away Weekend.

"When we dropped her off it was quite emotional and I knew that Polly was nervous. Staff quickly reassured her and she got started on a craft project.

"When we picked Polly up she had a huge smile on her face and told us she'd made four new friends! Her confidence has definitely improved and she now knows that she can manage for a short time away from the family.

"I’d say to other parents that if their child is ready to take a step into the unknown, let them go for it!”


Discovery weekends

Summer residential event (credit: NDCS)

Especially for children and young people aged 11 to 15 these specialist sports / arts / outdoor weekends meaning your child can meet like-minded people, learn new skills or polish up on existing ones.

What's involved?

They offer two nights away from home, and enable your child to have lots of fun, doing the things they enjoy the most or have always wanted to try!

`He has grown in confidence so much.  It has done him the world of good mixing with his own age group that are also hearing impaired.  He is isolated at school as the only deaf teenager.  He now wants to learn sign BSL`

‘She has learnt some sign language, how to use her phone and an increased sense of independence’


Adventure breaks

boy getting ready to canoe at kent adventure weekend (credit: NDCS)

Our three and four night residential events are aimed at children and young people aged 8-15 years who want to spend more social time with other deaf children. Our team will support children who are less confident and may find it difficult to form friendships. They will also encourage the children to take responsibility for their own communication and belongings.

What's involved?

Activities including surfing, rock climbing, raft building, skiing and much, much more. The evenings will be an opportunity to relax with a DVD, play games and chat about the next adventure.

'We live in very remote area and making/maintaining friendships outside other shorter events has been nowhere near as successful as this residential week.'

'She has grown in confidence and also her eating habits have improved.  She hasn’t been arguing about wearing her hearing aids as much.'

'Her confidence has grown and more acceptance of being deaf.'

'I was amazed he stayed – we were expecting a call from staff at the event.  He seems to be standing up for himself more.  His self-esteem has increased (it was upsetting to see him get bullied, cry, now he has confidence to stand his ground).  A credit to the staff at the event for all this to take place in my son.'


Multi-activity weeks

These events are for children who are mad about football, tennis or the arts.  If your child is aged 8 to 15 they can join us and spend each morning in sessions of their chosen activity. It doesn’t matter if they already have loads of experience or are trying these activities for the first time, our volunteers will be on hand to give encouragement and support. Sessions will be led by experienced coaches, deaf and hearing, who are passionate about developing the skills of deaf children and young people. In the afternoon. everyone will take part in activities that could include games, arts and crafts, swimming and team building sessions. A full evening programme will be provided by the our staff and volunteer team.

`I felt the use of time was excellent.  My child enjoyed the evening activities just as much as the daytime ones.'


Residential Holiday Schemes for Disabled Children, England

The National Deaf Children's Society is registered with the Residential Holiday Schemes for Disabled Children, England, which is regulated by Ofsted. This includes an annual inspection of one of our events, as we as regular inspections undertaken internally throughout the year and submitted to Ofsted.

You can see our last inspection report on the right at the top of this page, along with our statement of purpose, which outlines what we aim to achieve with the programme and covers a range of topics on facilities we use and policies we adhere to.

You can contact the current registered manager, Mark Bolton at