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Ofcom reassures millions who rely on hearing technology

Published Date: 25 May 2017

Ofcom has published a report on how the upcoming sale of radio frequencies for 4G mobile networks could impact the millions of people in the UK who rely on hearing technology.

The report was released after our campaign last year with the UK Children’s FM Working Group. We had concerns that Ofcom's proposed auction could cause problems for deaf people, because the frequencies being auctioned are very close together and initial tests suggested this could create interference and cause equipment to fail.

However, after extensive additional testing, this new report shows that it's highly unlikely that hearing aids, cochlear implants and other essential equipment that deaf children depend on will experience problems as a result of the auction.

Susan Daniels, our Chief Executive, commented: “We are pleased that Ofcom has done such thorough testing and taken the very real concerns of deaf people so seriously. While no testing is exhaustive and some problems may emerge after the auction, this new report from Ofcom is hugely reassuring to 50,000 deaf children and millions more adults in the UK.”

The National Deaf Children’s Society will be publishing guidance for children who rely on hearing technology and supporting parents if their children experience problems with interference.