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Early years support

Photo: We're here for you and deaf children from the start

Lots of families tell us that they feel overwhelmed or unsure about what’s best for their child in the early years. By getting involved with Everyone Together, you can speak with other parents, at an event or through our parent volunteer network, and receive clear, practical information at our events and courses. 

Our Everyone Together project provides free events and courses for families with a deaf child aged 0–8. Find the support you need by joining families like yours at: 

  • Family Sign Language courses
  • Raising a Deaf Child workshops
  • Information Days.

If you’re worried that your child’s playgroup, nursery, or community doesn’t understand their deafness, we can help.  Our deaf awareness sessions provide information and advice for those involved in caring for your deaf child, and link with Curriculum for Excellence outcomes.

Upcoming events

Everyone Together at the Zoo, Edinburgh, 4 August 2019

Address: Edinburgh Zoo, 134 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh, EH12 6TS

Our Everyone Together project is ending, so come and celebrate with us at a wild day out for all the family. This event is free to attend for families of deaf children aged 0-8 years, with free access to Edinburgh Zoo. Contact us using the email address below for a booking form.


Closing date for bookings: 18 July 2019  

Family Sign Language

Family Sign Language (FSL) helps you to develop visual communication skills and learn signs which you may want to use with your child at home. Families learn signs for practical topics, including family, food, toys and games, daily routines, and feelings, and all of our sessions are taught through play, so you feel confident using what you have learned with your child.

Get involved by attending: 

  • group courses for families with children aged 0–4, with free childcare provided onsite.
  • group courses for families with children aged 5–8, with everyone learning together
  • one to one courses for families who cannot attend their nearest group course (please note you must be referred by a professional for one to one courses)
  • courses for early years professionals involved in supporting deaf children. 

Courses are available in various locations throughout the year – if you would like to see a course in your area, let us know.

“Learning sign was daunting, especially [when] we were learning whilst teaching our child. NDCS have shown us methods and resources to support and services that we can get access to. Because of this we are more competent communicating with all of the deaf community. Our daughter is significantly happier since introducing sign.”

Raising a Deaf Child

Most parents have difficult moments with their child, and deafness can sometimes make these situations even more challenging. Our Raising a Deaf Child support can offer practical information and advice, specifically for parents of deaf children.

Our facilitators can support you over the phone or at home with common challenges that families of deaf children face – if you’re finding things stressful, get in touch to find out more.

Information days

Want to learn more, meet other families, and have fun taking part in different activities? Come and join us at one of our information days, and you’ll have the chance to find out more about supporting your child in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our events take place throughout the year, and the whole family is invited – keep checking back to find out where we’ll be next.

“The best thing about today was meeting with parents who have gone through the same situation as me and my child.”

Deaf awareness sessions

"It takes a village to raise a child" – if your child attends a playgroup, nursery, or club, or even if your wider community wants to know more about deafness, we can help. Our deaf awareness sessions give clear, straightforward advice to those involved in supporting your child in the early years, and link with Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence. If you, or someone you know, is interested in finding out more, get in contact.

"Staff delivered the workshop well and understood the needs of the children.”

Parent volunteers

Often the best advice comes from other parents – if you’re looking for a friendly face who knows exactly where you’re coming from, our parent volunteers are here. As parents of deaf children themselves, they can provide informal support when you are facing a particular challenge, whether at point of diagnosis or at a turning point in your child’s early childhood. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, and we’ll be developing the network across the country over the next three years. You can get in touch yourself, or ask a professional to provide a referral on your behalf.

“Meeting Anne today has been great – it’s shown me that I can survive as a parent of a deaf child!”

Want to know more?

 If you would like to know more about what Everyone Together can offer, email us at or call 0141 354 7856. 

Isolation - supporting deaf children in early years settings