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How you can help

Photo: With your support, we can be there for every deaf child

For a child, every day should be an adventure – a chance to meet new friends and explore the world. But deaf children are missing out. Over 32 million deaf children worldwide do not have access to language. Let down by schools that don’t support them, too many deaf children grow up isolated and lonely.

How you can help

Make a one-off donation online by credit or debit card

With your support, we can be there for every deaf child who needs us. Deaf Child Worldwide is the international arm of the National Deaf Children’s Society. We’re the UK’s leading international charity for deaf children in developing countries. Make a donation today, and together we can overcome the barriers that hold deaf children back.

By donating

£5 you could pay for a teacher in Kenya to attend training on deaf awareness.

£10 you could pay for a family in Peru to travel from a rural area to their nearest town or city to attend a sign language class.

£20 you could pay for sign language training for a primary school teacher in India.

£50 you could pay for a vocational training course, so a deaf young person in India can learn the skills they need to find employment.

£125 you could pay for an activity day for deaf children from deaf and mainstream schools in Tanzania to socialise and play games, increasing confidence and reducing isolation and social stigma for deaf children.