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Latin America

Photo: Supporting deaf children and young people in Latin America

 Deaf children and young people in the Andean region of Latin America face a number of challenges:

  • Many areas are very remote meaning deaf children and young people can feel extremely isolated.
  • Long distances to school, and a lack of qualified specialist training, can affect the quality of education.
  • Parents don't have access to information on how to support and communicate with their deaf child.
  • High levels of poverty mean parents are often forced to work long hours reducing the time they can offer to support their child's development.

Our work in Latin America

What we do

We have supported a diverse range of local organisations and community groups over the last 6 years in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. During that period a network of parents and families of deaf children – ‘Red Fuss’ - has developed and we continue to support the network and its activities in the region. The focus of the network is on advocating for the rights of deaf children, young people and their families in general and more specifically in the areas of early detection and intervention and quality education for deaf children and young people.

Who we are working with

Red Latino Americana de Familias Unidas Por los Sordos y Sordociegos ‘Red Fuss’

The network includes members from six South American countries – Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. One member from each of the participating countries sits on the International Committee which is currently chaired by ANPAFAS, the Ecuadorian National Parents Group, for a three year term
A number of organisations who have helped in the formation of Red Fuss continue to offer collaboration and support. These are: