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South Asia

Photo: Deaf girl counting using Indian Sign Language

Deaf children and young people in Bangladesh and India face a number of challenges:

  • Communication barriers cause deaf children to feel isolated.
  • Linguistic diversity can make it more difficult to acquire language and communication skills.
  • Poor quality education in large classrooms and a lack of specialist training amongst teachers.
  • Lack of access to information for parents on how to support and communicate with their deaf child.
  • Lack of qualified specialist training can affect the quality of education.
  • Lack of access to basic services such as health care in rural areas.

Our work in South Asia

What we do

We are working with several partners in India and Bangladesh to empower deaf children, young people and their families to develop language and communication. We also ensure access to good quality education which will help deaf young people to become independent. Many of our projects aim to teach families how to communicate with their deaf child, educate deaf children and their families about their rights and accessing health services to ensure a brighter future for deaf children and their families. We also provide a variety of training for teachers and other professionals in South Asia so they can support deaf children and young people.