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Photo: Youth Advisory Board members outside Parliament

Join our campaigns network

Be the first to find out about how you can take action to protect services for deaf children in your area and how you can get involved in our national campaigns.

Deaf children are missing out on the magic of cinema

Our Lights, Camera, Captions! campaign calls on cinemas to make subtitles available on demand for all children's films. Find out more about this issue and explore how you can get involved. 

Are there cuts in your area?

Each year we monitor councils' spending on deaf children's education. Find out if staff or budgets are being cut near you.

Does your council provide radio aids?

Too many councils in England and Wales do not provide radio aids for pre-school deaf children to use at home with their families. Take action to make them change their policy.

How good is your audiology service? 

We are calling for all children’s audiology services in England to prove their quality. We surveyed them in May 2018 to find out information about waiting times, inspections and staffing levels.

Is there an Ofsted inspection near you, right now? 

Following our Inspect the Uninspected campaign, Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission are investigating special educational needs and disabilities services across England.