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Stolen Futures

This year, over 40% of councils in England are cutting or freezing funding for deaf children, with £1.1 million of support being lost.

What’s happening in your area?

Is your local council cutting education support for deaf children? Check out our interactive map below to find out.

How do I use the map?

Click on your local area to find out what we know about education services for deaf children there. You may need to zoom in to see your local council.

This map outlines changes to services in councils across England. If you have any concerns about local services in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales, details of how to contact our Campaigns teams in the nations are included within the map.

Each council has been colour-coded to reflect their situation:

Yellow: The council is planning budget or staffing cuts.
Bright Blue: The council is reviewing their services for deaf children or has vacant posts.
Purple: The council's budget has either stayed the same or increased.
Dark Blue: The council has not given us enough information yet.

Tell us about your local services

This is what councils have told us, but what do you know about your service?

The information you can tell us about cuts to local services is really important – it can help to stop cuts before it’s too late.

Email us at [email protected] if you have any information you think we should know.