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Lights, Camera, Captions!

Photo: Lights, Camera, Captions!

Cinemas are not accessible 

Access to the cinema has been a big issue for deaf children for many years.

Although most cinemas do put on some subtitled screenings, there is often only one screening per film, or the films are shown at times that make it hard for families to go to.

As a result, deaf children are half as likely to go to the cinema as their hearing friends. 

We think this is grossly unfair. All deaf children should be able to go to any film showing they want!

Deaf children are missing out

Missing out on the cinema isn’t just about missing an amazing film, it’s about being excluded from conversations your friends are having and feeling left out, just because you’re deaf.

Being excluded from the cinema makes deaf children feel isolated and lonely. In fact, 77% of parents we spoke to said that their deaf child misses out on trips to the cinema with their friends. 

Take action on captions

We want cinemas to make subtitles available on demand for all children’s films. Either through a technological solution or by turning on subtitles on demand when requested.

We've created an action pack with tips and advice on how to ask your local cinema to put on subtitles – and how to challenge them if they say no.

If you'd like more info or advice about this, just get in touch with our campaigns team.