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Schools and young people

Photo: Choose us as your charity of the year in your school

Find out how to get your group involved in fundraising that makes a real difference to deaf children and to your school’s community.  

Fundraising ideas

Fundraising for a charity can help children to develop a number of skills like numeracy and communication. These suggested events will also make it lots of fun and can easily be combined with other activities and deaf awareness!

  1. Dress up loud
    It is often said that deafness is the invisible disability. Dress up in loud and bright clothes for the day. Everyone who dresses up loud can pay £1 to take part. Why not hold a fashion show or competition for the most outrageous outfit?

  2. Read my lips
    Lip-reading is often used as a form of communication by observing lip movements. Children can be sponsored to lip-read a range of words. You could turn this into a competition and is a great activity to discuss deaf awareness and communication.

  3. Coin art
    Get children to collect coins in advance, whether they are copper, silver or gold. Draw a design such as our logo, a sign or our roadshow bus on paper or a hall or classroom floor and create some art with coins. The money used on the art can then be donated to us.

  4. Silence speaks volumes
    Not being able to hear what other children are saying and not communicating verbally can make deaf children feel isolated and left out when with hearing friends at school. Take on a sponsored silence, raise money for us and learn all about non-verbal communication.

Whatever you are planning, we would love to hear what you are up to so we can support your fundraising. Get in touch with us on or call 0207 014 1199 to speak to our team.