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Teacher of the Deaf Week

Photo: Celebrate the work of Teachers of the Deaf and help us campaign for more support for deaf children in schools.

Get involved in Teacher of the Deaf Week from 18 to 24 November 2019 and celebrate the work Teachers of the Deaf (and other support staff) do to educate deaf children.

Get involved

Do you or your child have an amazing Teacher of the Deaf? Celebrate and say thank you by taking part in our awareness week.

We want you to send us a short video on social media telling us why you love your Teacher of the Deaf. Tell us what makes your teacher so special and tag your videos with #TeacheroftheDeafWeek.

Take action and get involved with our campaign to help more train more Teachers of the Deaf to support the 50,000 deaf children in the UK below.

Children can get involved by downloading our colour-in certificate and giving it to their Teacher of the Deaf as a thank you for their support.

Help support our campaign for more fully trained Teachers of the Deaf across the UK by fundraising with the Fingerspellathon – our sponsored fingerspelling bee.

Show your support

Unfortunately there aren’t enough fully qualified Teachers of the Deaf to meet demand, and more than half the workforce is set to retire in the next 10 to 15 years. Many local authorities don’t have the funding to train new Teachers of the Deaf, leaving services across the country unable to recruit.

This means that too many families and deaf children are now struggling to get the expert support they need from Teachers of the Deaf in many areas. Get involved in our campaign below to help make sure deaf children get the support they need.

Help us fund more campaigns to support deaf children across the UK by taking part in a Fingerspellathon fundraising event with your family or school.

Did you know?

Teachers of the Deaf give a wide range of support to deaf children in the UK. Their job includes:

  • Offering support, information and resources to children, families and schools from birth to age 25
  • Promoting and developing deaf children’s communication and language skills
  • Getting rid of barriers that stop deaf children from learning through training, teaching and assessment
  • Helping deaf children get access to and use hearing technology
  • Supporting deaf children and their families to make their voice heard, get their needs met and look after their emotional health and wellbeing

Find out how Zach's Teacher of the Deaf supported him throughout mainstream school.

Join our campaign

Why are Teachers of the Deaf so important?

Specialist education services for deaf children are usually made up of ‘visiting’ Teachers of the Deaf. These specialist teachers work with families and schools as well as with deaf children.

We believe Teachers of the Deaf are vital for deaf children to reach their potential. Most deaf children are born to hearing parents who have no experience of deafness. Around four out of five deaf children attend mainstream schools, where they may be the only deaf child.

Over a third of local authorities in England have cut more than £6.6m from their budgets for specialist education services for deaf children since 2014, with more cuts planned this year. At the same time, the number of qualified Teachers of the Deaf has fallen by 15% since 2011.

In England, we are asking the Government to offer a bursary to teachers who want to learn these important specialist skills. We are also working hard to protect the numbers of Teachers of the Deaf in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You can support our campaign here. If you’re aware of any changes to Teacher of the Deaf numbers in your area please let us know - [email protected]

Take part in our Fingerspellathon

Raise money and have fun with our Fingerspellathon – a fundraising spelling bee with a difference.

Find out more and register to take part.

Share our Teacher of the Deaf certificate

Say thank you to your Teacher

Download our free colour-in certificate for your child to fill in and give to their Teacher of the Deaf to say thank you for their support.

Download the certificate.