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Reports on paediatric audiology

Photo: Audiology services are vital to ensure that deaf children can develop

Survey of Paediatric Audiology Provision in England (2018)

This report sets out the findings from a survey of paediatric audiology services in England, carried out in May 2018 using Freedom of Information requests. We plan to repeat this survey annually; the findings provide a benchmark in order to review how audiology services change in future years.

Download the report

The health of children’s hearing services in England (2017)

This report sets out the findings from a national survey of paediatric audiology services in England carried out in 2017. The survey found that the biggest challenges for services are recruiting appropriately qualified staff, a lack of training for existing staff and funding pressures.

Download the report

Listen Up! (2014)

In 2014 we gathered evidence from parents of deaf children about the quality of audiology services. The survey found there were problems with waiting times, problems with setting up hearing aids correctly, a lack of deaf awareness in audiology services and not enough appointments available outside school time hours.

Download the report