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Meet the Armstrong family

Meet mum Vivianne and the whole Armstrong family as they interact with the world around them, learning new signs and using different communication techniques together.

Waking using touch

Watch how mum uses touch to let Heather know it's time to get up. Touching is an important part of how deaf people communicate. So watch the video and tips at the end on how to practically incorporate touch into everything you do.

Breakfast time and talking about feelings

Breakfast is a great opportunity to talk about feelings with your child. Watch how the Armstrong family use a cuddly toy to help them with this. Try this at home and use our tips at the end of the video as a guide for when you are discussing emotions with your child.

Planning a trip and checking understanding

When planning events its vital to make sure your child understands what's happening to avoid confusion later on. Watch how dad does it in the video using sign language, and use the tips to help you when you try it yourself.

Arts and crafts and involving family members

It's great when other family members can sign. See how much fun Heather has doing arts and crafts with grandma. Use the tips on how you can involve family members in activities using sign language and try the suggested activities with your family.

Picking vegetables and using eye contact

The garden is a great place to practice signs and improve your child's vocabulary. Watch how mum uses eye contact to establish communication and then starts signing the names of vegetables they pick together.

Bedtime stories using words and numbers

Stories help to improve vocabulary as they contain topics that are different to everyday life. They also often offer a chance to practice counting and other skills. Watch the tips in the video to learn ways you can improve vocabulary and number skills and give them a go yourself.