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Can my deaf child get Disability Living Allowance?

Photo: See if you can make a claim for your deaf child

When can I claim Disability Living Allowance (DLA)?

You can claim the care component three months from when your baby or child started to have care needs because of their deafness (or another disability or medical condition).

You can choose to apply for DLA before this, but payments won't start until three months after the start of your child's care needs.

You can claim the lower rate mobility component from when your child is five years old, and the higher rate from when they are three years old.

DLA will only be awarded if it is expected that your child’s care and mobility needs will continue for at least six months.

My child lip-reads very well. Can I claim?

Yes, if your child needs extra help to enable them to lip-read. You must explain all the things you do to help your child lip-read:

When you want your child’s attention do you need to:

  • go into the same room as them?
  • touch them?
  • get to the same level as them?
  • make sure the light is on your face and there is nothing in the way?
  • turn off the TV, radio or other background noise?

When you have a conversation do you need to:

  • teach new words before they can be lip-read?
  • use mime and gestures?
  • repeat or re-phrase words?
  • explain new ideas using a limited vocabulary?
  • help your child when they don’t have access to lip patterns, for example, during tannoys, cartoons, or when people turn away, talk while eating, have accents or facial hair?

My child uses British Sign Language (BSL). Can I claim?

Yes, if your child needs extra help to enable them to communicate using BSL. You must explain all the things you do to help your child sign:

You should explain:

  • what help your child needs in order to communicate with people who don’t sign
  • what has to happen before and during your conversation
  • how often your child needs help with communicating and for how long
  • any help your child needs with understanding new words and ideas
  • examples of when your child can’t take part in conversations.

My child goes to a residential school. Can I claim?

Yes. When your child goes to a residential school they can keep the mobility component of DLA.

They also keep the care component for the first 28 days they’re at school. They’ll then lose the care component for any complete days (midnight to midnight) spent in a residential school after the first 28 days.

Days spent travelling between home and school count as days at school.

Two or more periods in a residential school will be added together towards the 28 days if 28 days or less separates them.

Example of a child's eligibility for the care component of DLA when attending a residential school.

An uninterrupted period of 28 days at home is needed to start this process again, which would usually only happen in the summer holidays.