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Child Disability Payment replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in Scotland

Photo: In Scotland Disability Living Allowance (DLA) has been replaced with Child Disability Payment

The Scotland Act 2016 sets out which benefits have been devolved to the Scottish Government. This means the Scottish Government will be able to change the rules of entitlement and amounts paid for these benefits or replace them with new ones that meet the same needs. A new agency called Social Security Scotland will deliver the new benefits.

One of the first changes to be made is the introduction of the Child Disability Payment to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

What is Child Disability Payment?

Child Disability Payment is very similar to Disability Living Allowance (DLA). It is a disability benefit for children under 16 who are deaf or disabled. Child Disability Payment will help towards some of the extra costs of raising a child who needs more looking after than another child of the same age without disabilities. It is not means-tested or taxable.

There are two parts to Child Disability Payment  – the care component and the mobility component. They are paid at the same rates as DLA.

You can claim the care component if your child needs more help or supervision compared with a child of the same age without disabilities. This can include help with things like hearing, speech, lip-reading, making themselves understood and extra help at school. Extra supervision they may need to keep them safe, for example with young children to stop them putting their hearing technology in their mouth, is also relevant.

You can claim the mobility component if your child is at least five years old and needs more supervision when walking outdoors than a child of the same age without disabilities. If they have physical problems with walking you can claim from age three.

When can I claim Child Disability Payment for my child?

Child Disability Payment is available for new claims from 26 July 2021 if you live in one of the following local authority areas: Perth and Kinross, Dundee City and the Western Isles. Outside of these areas you can still claim DLA.

From 22 November 2021 Child Disability Payment will be rolled out across the rest of Scotland.

What if my child already gets DLA?

If you already get DLA for your child, you cannot currently claim Child Disability Payment. At some point in the future your claim will be automatically transferred to the new benefit. Payments will not be affected and you will receive the same rates you previously received with DLA.

If you receive renewal forms for DLA before you are transferred, you should complete them and return them to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

How do I apply for Child Disability Payment?

You can make a new claim by going to the apply page on the Scottish Government website or by phoning 0800 182 2222. This number can be used to request a paper form or book an appointment for someone from Social Security Scotland to help you fill in the form face to face.

For more information about Child Disability Payment, see the Scottish Government website.