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Photo: Deaf children and young people prove deafness isn't a barrier to enjoying life

Every day deaf children achieve amazing things and their friends, family members and professionals go the extra mile to make sure deafness isn’t a barrier to them enjoying life. Read on to find out about some of these superstars, as featured in our Families magazine.

If you'd like to nominate your child, or someone who has helped them, for our superstars page please email

Summer 2019

Ted (9)

Ted had a cholesteatoma and now wears a bone-anchored hearing aid. He plays football once a week through Liverpool Football Club’s Foundation programme, loves the sessions and recently won a trophy for most improved player. He was also chosen as a mascot for a Premier League game and it was the happiest day of his life.

Lisa, mum to Ted (9) who has moderate to severe hearing loss.

Spencer-Lee (5)

Spencer-Lee has been in and out of hospital since birth with different medical problems and was finally fitted with a cochlear implant two years ago. Despite missing so much school Spencer has just learned to write his name and start to read and we couldn’t be prouder of him.

Emma, mum to Spencer-Lee (5) who is severely to profoundly deaf.

Renee (6)

Renee loves dance but was falling behind before she got hearing aids about 12 months ago. She’s now doing brilliantly, particularly in tap and ballet, and I think she should be recognised for how hard she works. She has the biggest heart and her personality is super.

Farah, mum to Renee (6) who is mildly to moderately deaf.

Jamie (11)

Jamie was recently nominated for a WellChild award for always being so positive and not allowing his medical needs to affect him. He had an amazing time at the awards and even had his photo taken with Prince Harry and Meghan. Since then Jamie has spent a lot of time in hospital, but has coped amazingly well.

Thandi, mum to Jamie (11) who is profoundly deaf.

Thomas (5)

I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Bourbon Meadow Academy and a special thanks to Sarah Jones, the school’s Inclusion Manager and Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator. They have gone above and beyond to support Thomas – they’ve made his transition into school life a breeze and he’s now thriving.

Hannah, mum to Thomas (5) who has moderate hearing loss.

Ava (7)

Ava was bilaterally implanted at a year old and has never let her deafness stop her from having fun, trying new things and new sports. She nailed skiing in February half term, despite some struggles with her helmet not fitting and pushing her headpieces off. She got there in the end and loved it!

Amanda, mum to Ava (7) who is profoundly deaf.

Spring 2019

Mackenzie (8 months)

Mackenzie has been in and out of hospital since he was born. He’s such a brave little boy, always has a smile on his face and doesn’t let anything bring him down. He had his first hearing aids fitted in September and the smile on his face says it all. We’re so proud of our gorgeous little boy.

Rebecca, mum to Mackenzie (8 months) who is severely to profoundly deaf.

Annabelle (5)

Annabelle is a superstar in everything she does including playing tennis, dancing and attending theatre school – she never lets her deafness hold her back. Since getting her hearing aids last August she has learned to speak, read and write. Next up sign language!

Kathryn, mum to Annabelle (5) who has a moderate to severe hearing loss.

Elliot (3)

Six months ago we found out Elliot was deaf. There have been lots of ups and downs but Elliot couldn’t make us prouder. He’s always been eager to wear his hearing aids, his speech is rapidly developing and he’s confidently signing. He’s recently had cochlear implants and hasn’t moaned or complained once. He’s remained the happiest child, with the most infectious smile.

Alison, mum to Elliot (3) who is severely to profoundly deaf.

Cobie (12)

Cobie struggled after starting senior school because of lack of deaf awareness. With the help of his amazing Teacher of the Deaf, Cobie devised a presentation to show teachers how to support him. The response was amazing. Cobie received a Head Teacher’s Commendation and has been asked if he’d be willing to share the presentation with other schools. I’m a very proud mum right now!

Leisa, mum to Cobie (12) who is severely deaf.

Dylan (10)

Dylan had cochlear implants at 22 months. He soon grasped language and moved on to primary school without any extra support in the classroom. Dylan has just gone into Year 6 and has become a great role model for two other deaf children in his school. He is so kind, caring and hardworking and we couldn’t be prouder of him.

Stacey, mum to Dylan (10) who is profoundly deaf.

Max (4)

Being unable to hear or speak and being ineligible for cochlear implants has never held Max back. Since starting to learn British Sign Language 18 months ago his ability to communicate through sign is now incredible. He’s also found a passion for BMXing, following in the footsteps of his older brothers and dad. Nothing will stop my little ‘Max Power’ giving his all in everything he does.

Emily, mum to Max (4) who is profoundly deaf.

Winter 2018

Emily (11)

My daughter Emily has successfully transitioned to high school. She’s coped well with having different teachers, making friends and getting to grips with a new Roger pen. To top it off she’s been selected to play in the u12 first team for hockey and invited to the county’s hockey academy.

Andrew, dad to Emily (11) who is mild to moderately deaf.

Sophie (7)

Our Teacher of the Deaf, Fionnuala McCreanor, has been with us since Sophie was born. She’s gone above and beyond in every area of Sophie’s care. She fights for us and makes sure Sophie has the best possible education. She has become a great friend to our family and we owe her a lot.

Fiona, mum to Sophie (7) who has microtia and a moderate hearing loss.

Jack (8) and Fred (7)
Superstars Jack and Fred

Both my sons had a successful summer competing at agricultural shows. They enjoy the experience but sometimes find it hard to hear commands or questions. Judges Bill Harper and Abi Marshall took time to understand how to use hand signals and to make sure their faces and lip patterns were visible. This helped to build the boys’ confidence. Thank you!

David, dad to Jack (8) and Fred (7) who are both severely deaf.

Taylor-Ann (16)
Superstar Taylor-Ann

I’d like to say a big thank you to all my granddaughter’s teachers in the Department of Deaf Education within St. Roch’s Secondary School in Glasgow. They do an amazing job and are so supportive with both academic and social issues. With their support Taylor-Ann passed her National 4 and sat two National 5 exams.

Tricia, grandmother to Taylor-Ann (16) who is profoundly deaf.

Elizabeth (16) and Matthew (16)
Superstars Elizabeth and Matthew

I’m really proud of my children Elizabeth and Matthew, who supported each other through their GCSEs. Elizabeth recently achieved 10 GCSEs including a distinction in Performing Arts, and Matthew passed 11 GCSEs including an A in Product Design. Matthew wants to study Engineering and Elizabeth would like to become an occupational therapist.

Anne, mum to Elizabeth (16) who is severely/profoundly deaf and Matthew (16).

Carina (4)

Carina had a fabulous year at her preschool and is much more confident. She was a little star at her theatre group performance and it was a joy to see her have so much fun. We would never have made it so far without the support of our Teachers of the Deaf, Jenny and Judy – they are superstars too!

Camilla, mum to Carina (4) who has moderate hearing loss.

Autumn 2018

Libby (9)

I’d like to say thanks to Miss Jewell, who is a teaching assistant at Oaklands Primary School in Birmingham, for the amazing support she’s given our daughter. She also set up a British Sign Language (BSL) club at after school club this year. She’s our superstar!

Charlotte, mum to Libby (9) who is severely deaf.

Scarlett Rose (8 months)

My daughter Scarlett Rose is profoundly deaf due to cytomegalovirus. My sister, who is also deaf, has helped Scarlett and I come on leaps and bounds and has been a huge help to us. She has also now got a pink hearing aid to match Scarlett’s pink cochlear implant!

Corey, mum to Scarlett Rose (8 months) who is profoundly deaf.

Polly (13)

I’d like to thank my amazing Teacher of the Deaf, Helen Joseph, for making my friends more deaf aware, helping me with my homework very patiently, teaching me some BSL and for all the many laughs.

Polly (13), who is severely deaf.

Rudi (2)

Gillian Dee is our early years support worker from Lambeth Hearing Support Service. There aren’t enough words to say how grateful we are for everything she’s done for us. She’s given Rudi the tools he needs to grow and develop into a lovely little boy and for us as parents to support him and encourage him all the way! She’s made such a positive, lasting impression on us all that we’ll never forget her.

Eva, mum to Rudi (2) who is severely deaf.

Isabelle (3)

My daughter’s speech therapist Suzanne Blackmore has been very supportive and helpful. One thing that sticks in my mind is when my daughter was a baby we struggled with face-to-face reading – she liked to be cuddled when read to. Suzanne reminded us that “She’s your daughter, and as much as speech therapy is important so is being her mummy.” Much needed and appreciated advice!

Jasmine, mum to Isabelle (3) who is profoundly deaf.

Summer 2018

Adalaide (5)

We found out Adalaide was profoundly deaf in both ears at seven weeks old. Within an hour of diagnosis we received a phone call from Heather Campbell who was to be our Teacher of the Deaf for four years. Straight away we were given a person to express our worries, questions and concerns to. Heather soon turned into someone we treated as a family member. She was our rock. A superstar from beginning to end and she’ll always have a special place in our hearts.

Alison, mum to Adalaide (5) who is profoundly deaf.

Megan (15)

Julie Daynes, my daughter’s Teacher of the Deaf at Sittingbourne Community College, leads an amazing support team. She got us referred to deaf Child and Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHS), which made a huge difference. It’s not often someone makes a noticeable difference but she is much more than a teacher – she’s our family guru too.

Michele, mum to Megan (15) who is profoundly deaf.

Asher (18)

I would like to thank Lottie Taylor, Teacher of the Deaf – Southwark, for her incredible support for my daughter Asher. She’s been a rock to us, and my daughter would not be where she is today without her.

Antoinette, mum to Asher (18) who is moderately to severely deaf.

Ellie (7)

My daughter Ellie was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss at birth and wears hearing aids.. I want to thank Ellie’s Teacher of the Deaf, Dawn Bevington, who has accompanied us back and forth to our many audiology appointments and is always willing to help.

Helen, mum to Ellie (7) who is moderately deaf.

Jasmine (1)

My mum, or ‘Nani’, is grandmother to Anaya (4), Jasmine (1) and Daya (1). Jasmine is profoundly deaf and has several other complex needs. At 11 months her twin sister was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer. My mum has made huge sacrifices for us and taught herself British Sign Language at the age of 68. Most importantly she’s been looking after Jasmine’s complex needs while we’ve been attending chemotherapy and to all sorts of emergencies. She’s not going to let anything get in the way of Jasmine’s future. She’s a wonderful Grandmother. She’s our superstar.

Pamela, mum to Jasmine (1) who is profoundly deaf.

Martha (9)

My daughter Martha's Teacher of the Deaf, Fran Sheratte, has gone above and beyond to help support us as a family. She supports Martha at school and has attended audiology appointments, run training for school staff and helped Martha give sign language lessons to children at school.

Tracy, mum to Martha (9) who is severely deaf.

Spring 2018

Demi-May (10)

Demi-May has mild to moderate hearing loss and has worn hearing aids since she was five years old.

She was nominated by her peers to be the Year 6 School Councillor and Playtime Friendship Buddy. I’m a super proud mummy as Demi-May doesn’t let her hearing loss or her Asperger’s get in her way – even when she has bad days. 

Ashleigh, mum to Demi-May (10) who is mildly to moderately deaf.


Brooke (11)

Brooke was diagnosed with moderate bilateral hearing loss when she was eight years old. Despite being faced with new challenges she works so hard at her athletics and has recently been selected to represent her county at regional finals indoor athletics. She doesn’t let anything get in the way of her sport! We’re super proud parents.

Kaye, mum to Brooke (11) who is moderately deaf.


Ryan (8)

Ryan was born with moderate to severe sensorineural deafness and has worn hearing aids since he was four weeks old. He’s brilliant at telling jokes and playing pranks. We’re astounded by his ability every day and are confident he’ll thrive in the future.

Elaine, mum to Ryan (8) who is moderately to severely deaf.


Emmett (5)

Emmett is five years old and has bilateral implants. He blows us away every day with his abilities and every time I worry something might stand in his way, he proves I have nothing to fear. He uses British Sign Language (BSL) and speech and his communication is fantastic. When he took part in his school nativity and all the children signed Away in a Manger and there wasn't a dry eye in the house!

Adrian, Dad to Emmett (5) who is profoundly deaf.

Winter 2017

Frankie (2)

Deaf child wearing Thomas the tank engine hearing aids

Frankie has had hearing aids since he was 11 weeks old and has just been fitted with an advanced bionics implant. He’s been so brave and is slowly making progress with his speech but it’s onwards and upwards. He’s always happy and, even though his speech is delayed, he and his sister Evie (who’s hearing) always have the best time and communicate in their own special way.

Chloe and Chris, parents to Frankie (2) who’s severely to profoundly deaf. 

Evie (2)

Deaf toddler with machine

Evie was born 13 weeks premature. She has many conditions, including severe hearing loss, but that never stops her making progress in everything she does especially with her signing. She teaches our family things every day and we couldn’t be more proud of our little superstar!

Helen and Daniel parents to Evie (2) who is severely deaf.

Jamie (13)

Deaf child in restaurant

Jamie has a severe to profound hearing loss and wears hearing aids. He’s oral but has picked up sign language from his signed support in lessons at school. He wasn’t keen to go to a formal British Sign Language (BSL) class, but he persevered and has recently passed his BSL Level 2!

Lesley, mum to Jamie (13) who is severely to profoundly deaf.

Dehanna (10)

Deaf child and twin sister win award

My granddaughter has a profound hearing loss due to meningitis as a baby. She has a twin sister Asha and they were both nominated in the final three of our local area’s Child of Courage Awards. We’re immensely proud of what she’s achieved despite her hearing difficulties, and it was lovely that they were both recognised by our local paper.

Julie, grandmother to Dehanna (10) who is profoundly deaf.

Tristan (18 weeks)

Deaf baby with blue hearing aid

Our son Tristan now has his first set of hearing aids. Like his older brother he is moderately deaf. He’s our little superstar because he was also born with a floppy larynx and spent his first few weeks in hospital.

Emmalene and Darren, parents to Tristan (18 weeks) who is moderately deaf.

Isla (3)

Deaf girl

My granddaughter Isla was born with a severe hearing loss. Now she is able to sign and attends a nursery school. Her speech is amazing for her level of hearing loss and she is doing so well. We’re all so proud of our little superstar.

Angie, grandmother to Isla (3) who is severely deaf.

Autumn 2017

Seb (2)

Deaf boy at home

Seb was born at 26 weeks and was in a special care baby unit for four months – he has overcome so much. Seb loves dancing and playing music videos, he has a beautiful warm personality and is loved by everyone who meets him. We are super proud of him! 

Lisa and Claire, parents to Seb (2) who has a severe to profound hearing loss.

Daniel (6)

Deaf boy

When Daniel started mainstream school he only had a handful of words and struggled to understand everything. He’s made amazing progress. He’s now part of the school dance and recorder clubs and his class recently chose him as their school councillor. He’s a blue belt in karate, has just started Beavers and takes part in the junior parkrun.

Daryl and Simon, parents to Daniel (6) who is severely deaf.

Jack (12)

Deaf boy in school uniform

Jack is so confident and positive about his deafness and never lets it get him down, even when he was bullied at school. He plays football and water polo, runs cross-country and is one of the happiest children you could meet. He takes everything in his stride despite the difficulties he has. We are so proud of him.

Leigh, mum to Jack (12) who is profoundly deaf in his left ear and has 80% hearing in his right ear.

Guinevere (5)

Deaf girl

Guin loves school and is doing so well: she is near the top of her age group for communication and language. She has made close friends and never lets her deafness hold her back.

Alex and Philippa, parents to Guinevere (5) who is severely to profoundly deaf.

Dylan (2)

Dylan recently spent a week in hospital being treated for a severe ear infection. He was so brave and managed to keep a big smile on his face throughout. He made friends and played with the other children on the ward, asked the nurses politely when he wanted things and said thank you to the doctors.

Laura and John, parents to Dylan (2) who is profoundly deaf.

Shay (5)

Deaf boy with hearing aids

We are so proud of Shay for his progress at school and with swimming. He can now swim with no armbands and is gaining confidence every week. Shay had his Year 1 Phonics test recently and he is trying so hard to blend his words. He is our little hero.

Vicky, mum to Shay (5) who is moderately to severely deaf.

Summer 2017

Gethin (5)

Deaf boy

Our son Gethin’s cochlear implants were switched on in August last year and he has made great progress. Anyone who knows Gethin will tell you he always has a smile on his face. We’re extremely proud of our superstar.

Andy and Kelly, parents to Gethin (5) who is profoundly deaf.

James (16)

Deaf teenager in sports kit

In the last 18 months James has been away with school to New York, and to the Peak District and the Lake District with deaf peers. He’s done his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, and finished his National Citizen Service. He also started playing for Manchester City Deaf FC and was one of four deaf teenagers selected for the Disability World Cup in AbuDhabi in March. Well done James!

Vicki, mum to James (16) who is profoundly deaf.

David (10)

deaf boy plays guitar

David has been learning to play the electric guitar this year and recently passed his Rockschool Grade 1 exam with a merit. We’re very proud of his achievement and all the hard work he put into preparing for the exam. Well done.

Hugh and Claire, parents to David (10) who is moderately to severely deaf.

Kaitlyn (12)

Deaf girl with hearing dog

Kaitlyn was born with auditory neuropathy and kidney problems and had major eye surgery at three months. Despite all this, she goes to mainstream school and her kind demeanor and hard work make us immensely proud. Last year she received a Spirit of Sport Award and a Hearing Dogs Award (shared with her hearing dog Rowan of course). We think these are amazing achievements for one so young.

Phil and Sharron, parents to Kaitlyn (12) who is profoundly deaf.

Dylan (3)

Deaf child with water bottle

Dylan has started school in a hearing impaired unit and is doing amazingly well. Both his speech and sign are improving daily and he is always smiling no matter what. He’s had to overcome so much and makes me proud every day.

Mary, mum to Dylan (3) who is moderately to severely deaf.

Alfie (9)

Deaf boy at bowling alley

Alfie is a new bilateral cochlear implant user. Even though his hearing has deteriorated over the last few years, he’s continued to do brilliantly at mainstream school. He works extremely hard and never complains about doing extra work. He has lots of friends, is kind and funny, and has a heart of gold. We couldn’t be prouder of him!

Lindsey and Matt, parents to Alfie (9)who is profoundly deaf.

Spring 2017

Quade (6)

Deaf boy

My little boy Quade has been so brave. He wasn’t diagnosed until he started school and has had so many tests. I’m extremely proud of how he just copes and deals with it all. Never has he shed a tear or tried to refuse a hospital trip. He’s my little hero.

Rachel, mum to Quade (6) who is severely deaf in one ear.

Poppy (10)

Deaf girl laughing

By the age of three Poppy had developed a real fear of anything audiology-related. Now she not only ‘chooses' which audiologist she wants to see, she attends most of her appointments alone and programmes her own hearing aid (under watchful guidance!). She dreams of becoming an audiologist herself and we’re really proud of her confidence and growing independence.

Amanda, mum to Poppy (10) who is profoundly deaf in her right ear and moderately deaf in her left.

Ross (14)

deaf teenager in sports kit

Ross lost his hearing at four-and-a-half and has never let it hold him back. He enjoys school and got a gold award for achievement in both S1 and S2. He loves football and is the top goal scorer for his team this season.

Joy, mum to Ross (14) who is moderately to severely deaf.

Gus (4)

deaf child with tennis racquet

Gus has had repeated painful ear infections from six weeks old. He tries really hard at all of his hospital appointments even though it hurts at times. We’re so proud of him for the progress he’s made at nursery even though he gets tired and isn't always sure how to communicate with children in his class. Keep up the hard work.

Allison and Jamie, parents of Gus (4) who is moderately to severely deaf.

Winter 2016

Lewis (9)

Deaf child in Taekwondo outfit

Lewis has only recently been diagnosed as deaf and has just moved into senior group at his Taekwondo School. He has overcome a massive hurdle to take his grading exam in a sports hall full of people and in front of a panel of five judges.

Steph, mum to Lewis (9) who is moderately deaf.

Chloe (19)

Deaf teenager

Despite Chloe’s hearing loss and having had major spinal surgery before her teenage years, Chloe has always continued to work hard at school. She achieved an A* in psychology and received an unconditional offer from Hull University.

Sharon, mum to Chloe (19) who is moderately to severely deaf.

Miriam (12)

Deaf girl with headband

We’re so proud of how Miriam’s settled into mainstream secondary school. She worked so hard in Year 7, getting ‘excellent’ for effort on her report for all her subjects and achieving well. She has made new friends and is in the top set for maths!

Harvey and Denise, parents to Miriam (12) who is moderately deaf.

Grace (4)

Deaf child with sister in ballet outfits

Grace has vestibular dysfunction (problems with balance) and hypermobility and she normally wears specialist boots to assist her mobility. Grace’s sister goes to ballet and Grace began asking if she could go as well. We were concerned as to how she would cope but Grace absolutely adores dancing and was nominated for a Dance Company Challenge Award for her perseverance and effort.

Louise, mum to Grace (4) who is profoundly deaf in one ear and mild to moderately deaf in the other.