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Diagnostic radiographer

I’m a diagnostic radiographer because…

Man wearing glasses and a light blue polo top standing in front of a hospital X-ray machine.

Being able to make a difference is important to me. As a deaf person I feel I’m a great benefit to other deaf patients who may otherwise be isolated. However, it’s also cool seeing the bones in an arm! I perform the X-rays and CT scans in the hospital. This takes place almost anywhere there’s a patient! I could be chatting on the wards, working in the operating theatre or being part of a major trauma in resus.

I took a BSc (Hons) degree which I enjoyed (although like school, there’s always a hard essay to dread!). I’m profoundly deaf and use hearing aids, the most useful equipment has been the Oticon streamer and Phonak’s Roger Pen. These have been invaluable when I can’t lipread a masked surgeon. I have overnight on-call duties so rely on my vibrating mobile phone alert system. Outside of work I love international travel, drumming and fencing.

David Theaker