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Senior data journalist

I’m a senior data journalist because…

Data journalist

I love the idea that I can make a real difference – data helps inform all aspects of people’s lives, such as whether they buy or rent a home. I work with statisticians, coders and other journalists to share data and statistics in an engaging and interesting way.

I have high-frequency deafness. I’ve tried using hearing aids but they made me feel worse – the shape of the hearing aid blocked my normal hearing and I felt like I was underwater – so I tend to rely on lip-reading. I always make people aware that I’m deaf and that if I don’t respond it’s not because I’m being dismissive, I just genuinely can’t hear!

At work I don’t have many adjustments – the key is ensuring that people know I’m deaf, so I may need to sit in a specific place, or need people to speak up or repeat themselves.

I’m a respected journalist in my field and I’m proud of how much I’ve done over the years, things that previously seemed impossible.

Sophie Warnes