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Web developer

I'm a web developer because...

I’m really passionate about my work – it feels more like a hobby than a job. I make websites and apps with a particular focus on web accessibility, I enjoy making digital experiences accessible to everyone.

I’m profoundly deaf and unable to hear anything without my hearing aids. Having lost my hearing at around 21, I didn’t get enough help because I was in denial. It was only post-university that I embraced my deafness and everyone has been very supportive since.

I’m very good at lip-reading and use text to speech apps to assist me in phone conversations.

I chose my career as I figured it would make things easier for me in the long run, as it requires less verbal communication than some others. I graduated from university and progressed from a junior to a more experienced role over seven years.

In 2016 I cycled 3,200 miles across the USA raising over £13,000 for children with deafness or cancer and since then I’ve completed three Ironman distance triathlons.

Shane Prendergast