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Photo: MP Caroline Lucas with mother Kelly and her deaf son Thomas

Sharing your experiences of bringing up a deaf child, the barriers you and they have overcome and any support we have provided, can help us in so many ways: when we talk to parents to reassure them they're not alone, show them there's no limit to what deaf children can achieve with the right support, campaign to improve the lives of deaf children and fundraise to support even more families.

Please fill in the short questionnaire below and tell us about your experiences including any help you have received from the National Deaf Children’s Society. We'll share your stories to help even more deaf children across the country.

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Write as much as you can think of. Maybe your child has achieved something amazing but needed some adjustments, maybe you used our Helpline or online resources for advice on a difficult situation, maybe you came to a weekend event, or are a teacher who organised a visit from our Roadshow team.
Let us know why you got involved with us. Maybe you are one of the 90% of families who had no previous experience of deafness, or maybe you’re a teacher who had a deaf child in your class for the first time.


When you give us your information it means you agree that the National Deaf Children’s Society can keep it and use it so that we can use your story. This might be to support our fundraising, to share on social media or to feature in one of our newsletters or magazine. However, your story will not will be passed on to the media without your permission.

If we have any media opportunities, our media and PR team may be in touch with you to see if you’re happy to share your story with the press. We care about keeping your information private and we won’t use it for any reason that you haven’t agreed to. Have a look at our privacy policy which has information on how we use your data.

If you ever want to update your story, tell us about a new experience, or ask us to stop using you as a case story, just drop an email to