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Communication and language

There are apps that can make communication and staying in touch with family and friends easier. Lots of apps are available to help you keep in touch using text. These include instant messaging services like WhatsApp and social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Want to see the person you are talking to? There are exciting apps that let you talk using video, as well as text and sound. You could use BSL to chat to a friend or lip-read during a voice call. Some apps even support video chats with messaging – a great way for deaf and hearing friends to keep in touch!

Some apps can help support you in face-to-face settings, particularly in noisy environments or on holiday where you don’t speak the language. Other apps use voice recognition to translate between languages: useful if you are on holiday abroad and need to ask for directions. There are some apps that can help you communicate over the phone, using speech-to-text or text-to-speech technology. 

And lets not forget British Sign Language (BSL) apps. There are apps that can help you learn BSL, and let younger learners and parents access a whole range of exciting content that includes songs, stories, animations and fun interactive quizzes.