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Health and additional needs

There are many apps that can be useful when wanting to know more about medical conditions or help you or your child manage their symptoms.

Audiology apps

These apps can help you learn more about hearing aids and implants and care for them on a daily basis, apps that explore the different parts of the ear and what they do, apps that provide support for products that can be used with hearing aids or implants, and other apps help to explain to family members how you might hear sounds. These are apps aimed at professionals but they might also be useful to families, for example:

  • Apps that help with hearing checks might also be used for home practice by parents with a deaf child.
  • Apps that help you improve your ability to hear in noisy environments. These could be useful if you have new hearing aids and want to get the most out of them.


If your child has tinnitus, there are a range of apps available that can help you to manage their symptoms. For more information about tinnitus, visit the British Tinnitus Association website.

Apps that can provide relief from tinnitus fall into three broad categories:

1. Apps that help to mask the effects of tinnitus by providing sounds or noises to cover the tinnitus sounds.
2. Relaxing apps have a range of sounds like music and birdsong that you can play to help provide relief from Tinnitus.
3. Manage tinnitus by tracking daily activities and offering exercise routines to help distract you from the effects.

Additional needs

There are many apps available which can help if your child is deaf and has additional needs including multi-sensory impairments, learning difficulties, physical or motor impairments. These apps could help:

  • Improve your child’s communication
  • Your child to express their emotions or moods
  • Keep your child entertained
  • Your child with daily activities

There are also apps that can help parents to: 

  • Keep track your child’s behaviour.
  • Provide information to others (such as the emergency services)

 Visiting a doctor independently

Are you deaf and would you like to be able to visit the doctor or nurse independently? There are apps that can help you communicate with your doctor or nurse, and information apps to help you find out more about health services. 

For more resources to help you take control of your health visit the My life, My health page created by our Young People’s Advisory Board (YAB), to improve deaf young people’s access to healthcare services.