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Photo: LENA captures the listening and language environment of young children aged under 36 months
What is LENA?

The Language Environment Analysis system or LENA® is an innovative technology designed to capture the listening and language environment of young children aged under 36 months, in their daily lives. LENA is a small, lightweight recording device, which is placed at chest height into a pocket in a child’s clothing.

The recorder captures all speech and environmental sounds, which occur around the child during their normal daily activities from when they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night. The recording is uploaded to secure cloud-based storage and analysed by advanced speech recognition technology called LENA SP.

The results illustrate adult talk, child vocalisations and parent-child talk as well as key features of the listening environment, such as TV and electronic sound. The results can be shared with parents in an easy-to-use format as a basis for learning and supporting change.

Following a successful research project commissioned by the National Deaf Children’s Society and conducted by Ear Foundation, Ewing Foundation and AVUK, we are pleased to announce that we will now be offering LENA as a loan service to our professional membership.

Who can use LENA?

LENA reports need to be interpreted in the context of each individual child and family. It is for that reason that our LENA loan service is only available for use by a professional - such as a Speech and Language Therapist, Auditory Verbal Therapist or Teacher of the Deaf 

What do I need to do before using LENA?

If you are interested in using LENA, then you should first watch a recording of LENA’s webinar ‘Introduction to LENA SP’. This webinar gives an overview of LENA and explores some of the key topics that you should consider before using it with deaf children. It will provide you with some examples of use and explain how to interpret the LENA reports.

Once you have watched the webinar, please complete the LENA order form to receive our LENA Loan Pack. This pack contains all of the resources that you will need to get started with your LENA project and includes consent forms and best practice guides. Instructions on how to return the completed forms to us are included in the pack.

Once we have received your application we will provide you with the resources that you need to start your LENA project.

How long can I loan LENA for?

Professionals are welcome to loan a maximum of 3 LENA devices for a 2 week period, per application. The application process will help you plan your loan, ensuring that you get maximum usage from the technology. We ask that before you apply you have an idea of the availability of the child(ren) you are supporting and have explained the LENA technology to their families.

The LENA technology itself is quite straight-forward to use. However we ask that professionals commit to completing a further training webinar that covers important topics such as patient confidentiality, using the LENA software and making recommendations to families based on LENA outputs. In total, the training requirements usually take around 2 hours to finish and must be completed before your loan begins.

The National Deaf Children's Society charge £30 for access to the online training resources, and a further £20 (inc VAT) per device per loan. Further details are included in the LENA Loan Pack.