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Alerting to sounds around the house

Photo: Alerting to sounds around the house

There are a number of everyday occurrences that happen in and around the house that require time and attention. Personal alerting systems are able to notify you or your deaf child when these things happen by drawing attention to them in a number of ways. 

A personal alerting system can help you

Personal alerting systems can alert you to a number of sounds around the home such as the telephone, a doorbell, a smoke alarm or an alarm clock by connecting a wireless transmitter to each item. When a transmitter is activated, it sends a radio signal to a receiver which will tell you about the alert.

Receivers can include a flashing beacon, a vibrating wrist watch or a vibrating pager clipped to your clothing. A vibrating pad can also be attached to certain receivers to alert you at night and help wake you up.

You can borrow an alerting system from us. You might be able to get an alerting system from social services.

What do families think of these personal alerting systems?

Families have told us that personal alerting systems can promote independence and inclusion around the home.

"It was useful to alert my daughter to what was happening and she felt more included"

"My son is being alerted to things around the house and can now do tasks unaided"