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In noisy public places

Photo: Cars can be very noisy places

At home or in other quiet places it might be relatively easy to communicate. However it can become more difficult in noisy places where there’s a lot happening, many people talking, and a lot of different background noises.

Here we suggest some products and technologies that might help you or your deaf child to hear and communicate better in these situations. The products can be borrowed from our Technology Test Drive loan service.

Radio aids

Radio aids are good for communicating where there is a lot of background noise, for example when out shopping or eating in a restaurant. Radio aids make the sound you or your deaf child need to hear clearer in relation to background noise.

Digital streamers

Some digital streamers have a separate microphone transmitter which can be used for conversations. These microphones have a shorter range than radio aids and generally pick up sound from all directions, making them great for informal and social situations.

Personal listeners

These are small personal amplifiers which are helpful in making conversations easier to follow. Personal listeners have a microphone to pick up speech or other sounds, and you can listen to the amplified sound through headphones, earphones or a neckloop. 

Hearing loops and the T-setting

Some public places such as shops, train stations, banks or cafes have loop systems installed. Hearing devices with the T programme can benefit from this. As soon as you switch your hearing aid or implant to the T programme you should hear the person’s voice clearly above any background noise.