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Overnight trips

Photo: Technology can make sleepovers easier

Overnight trips such as school trips or having a sleepover with friends can be great fun but it may be difficult to take technology installed in the home along. There is a range of technology that is portable and that might be useful. It can help you or your deaf child be more independent and confident and look forward to overnight trips.

Here we describe how some of the most popular and user-friendly portable technology could be useful. Most of these products can be borrowed from our Technology Test Drive loan service.

Portable alarm clocks

A small, portable alarm clock with a vibrating alert is easy to carry around and can wake you or your deaf child up when away from home. These alarm clocks either work on batteries or are rechargeable.

Personal listeners

Personal listeners can help with conversations and hearing the TV. They are easy to set up and are very portable.

Telephone handset amplifier

A telephone handset amplifier can be attached to a corded landline phone. It allows you to increase the volume of speech in the handset. 

Portable telephone loop systems

Portable telephone loop systems are small products that fit onto the earpiece of any corded telephone, making it able to work with the T programme on hearing aids or implants and effectively making a standard landline phone hearing aid compatible.

Portable paging or alerting systems

Portable paging systems or alerting systems can alert you to a range of sounds so they can be used as general, portable alerting devices to keep you or your deaf child safe and informed of what's going on in the surroundings.

Alerting if there is a fire

There are products available which will work with existing fire alarm systems in hotels, hostels and halls of residence.