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Bellman Visit home alerting system

Key feature

  • A comprehensive alerting system, useful for all types of home alerting

Other features

  • The alerting system has 'transmitters' that can alert deaf people to notifications on a mobile phone or tablet, doorbell, alarm clock, landline telephone, smoke alarm and baby alarm
  • The user can receive these alerts with different types of 'receivers' including a portable receiver with powerful sound, a flash receiver with a bright strobe light, a personal pager with different vibrating patterns, a wrist receiver with coloured lights and different vibration patterns, and an alarm clock with vibrating pad for being alerted to the various transmitters at night
  • Different vibration patterns are produced for each alert, so blind and partially sighted people can also use this system
  • A comprehensive system ideal for deaf young people moving out of home.


  • (Parts of) this system may be provided by social services. The loan can help in deciding which products to request from social services.
  • Whereas the smoke alarm is an important piece of equipment to keep deaf young people safe, we do not loan out smoke alarms. The baby alarm is neither included in the loan.

What families say:

"It helped my daughter a lot"
Miss B

"Good battery life, easy to use, promotes independence and confidence"
Mrs P

Want to buy?

  • To buy it, visit or Connevans 
  • Prices differ per product

This is available to loan for free from our Technology Test Drive service as a complete set for two months. The loan includes the following products (and product numbers): a doorbell transmitter (BE1411), a pushbutton (BE1420), a mobile phone sensor/transmitter (BE9250), and landline telephone transmitter (BE1431), an alarm clock and vibrating bedshaker (BE1580 and BE1270), an additional bedshaker (BE1270), a pager receiver and charger (BE1470 and BE1260), a flash receiver (BE1442) and a portable receiver with powerful sound (BE1450).