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There are many deaf-friendly doorbells. Flashing doorbells have a bright flashing light. Some have xenon strobe lights, which can be seen even during the day as the bright flashing light reflects off surfaces. Others also have an extra loud sound or have certain tones or melodies that may be easier to hear. There are also doorbells that work with an app that can be downloaded onto a smartphone; these are more suitable for deaf young people. 

Choosing the right doorbell means that all family members, deaf and hearing, know when someone is at the door and likely to come into your home. They can help young deaf children learn that a visitor is likely to come into the house, and doesn't suddenly appear; it helps them in learning what to expect. Many doorbells can also be used within the house and give deaf young people more privacy and independence, for example by installing the doorbell receiver in their bedroom door and the push button outside their bedroom door. It then alerts them that someone is coming into their room. Or a family member could carry the push button with them and press it when dinner is ready. 

Most of the doorbells on our loan service have two parts: a doorbell transmitter- often a push button which you fit near your door, and the doorbell receiver which can be put anywhere in the home. There are doorbells that plug into a power socket, and others can be carried around the house. Some doorbells can connect to more than one receiver, so you can place receivers around the house. And some doorbells can be used as part of a home alerting system.