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Radio aids - Phonak

Here we give you information on models of radio aid transmitters and receivers manufactured by Phonak. You can borrow these from our loan service, and they are either available for purchase or might be provided by your local authority or school.

Roger vs Dynamic FM

When researching these products you will come across two Phonak radio aid technologies: Roger and Dynamic FM.

  • Roger is Phonak's latest radio aid technology, it’s a digital system which claims to give clearer sound.
    Phonak say that this system is easier for a teacher to set up - frequency management is straightforward and in a school environment it will be easier for teachers to cope with many children in different rooms all wanting to use radio aids. Another benefit is that it should minimise the chances of interference with other radio aids or external sources (such as radio stations) which can sometimes be a problem with older FM technologies.

  • Dynamic FM - Although now superseded by Roger, Phonak Dynamic FM systems have proved popular for many years and are still used in many schools. Dynamic FM works using radio frequencies.

Overall, Roger receivers only work with Roger transmitters, and Dynamic FM receivers only work with Dynamic FM transmitters.