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Inspiro (Dynamic FM)

Photo: Phonak Inspiro FM radio aid transmitter

Key feature

  • Clear screen giving information on channel, battery status and more

Other features

  • Similar features as Roger Inspiro but will only work with Dynamic FM receivers (MLxi, iSense and Mylink).
  • FM technology

Inspiro Premium models can work with both Roger and Dynamic FM receivers after a software upgrade is carried out.
You can no longer purchase Phonak Dynamic FM Inspiro transmitters as they have been replaced by the Roger Inspiro.

What families say

"My son struggled with background noise in the classroom and was missing most of what the teacher was saying. The Inspiro and iSense have been fantastic from the first time he used them. He wears it all the time now and for the first time he can hear the teacher clearly. He used to come home with homework not having heard the instructions properly but now he knows what he is doing"
Nazia, mum to Suleman (9) who has unilateral hearing loss.

This is available to loan for free from our Technology Test Drive service for three months.