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Phonak EasyCall II

Photo: Phonak EasyCall II

Key feature

  • Attaches to a Bluetooth enabled mobile and then links it directly to Phonak hearing aids, so you won’t have to hold your mobile to your ear or hearing aids.

Other features

  • Streams voice conversations to both hearing aids
  • Pairing with the phone only needs to be done once and is very simple
  • Works with any Bluetooth mobile phone, even non-smartphones
  • Attaches to the phone with double-sided adhesive pads or with cases available for popular models of mobile phones (purchased separately)
  • Can also work with Bluetooth enabled cordless phones or tablets

Note: EasyCall is designed for speech and mobile phone use only. Music streaming and video calls are usually not supported although some phones may be capable of this.


  • EasyCall - works with Phonak Spice and Quest hearing aids (note: the Easycall is now no longer for sale)
  • EasyCall II - works with Phonak Venture hearing aids

What families and young people say:

"It helps me make and receive phone calls in noisy environments. The volume of the call can be changed by the volume buttons on your phone. When I get a call, my hearing aids automatically tune in once the phone is close enough to the aids. 
Lawrence (13), moderately deaf

 "For the first time he enjoyed speaking on the phone and told everyone he could hear them in his hearing aids. He was really chuffed. It enabled him to speak to family who live far away from us. He normally struggles so we found it really useful"
Mrs H

Want to buy?

This is available to loan for free from our Technology Test Drive service for one month.