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Geemarc loophear 101

Photo: Geemarc Loophear loop system

Key feature

  • Can be used at work, for example in one-to-one meetings or when working at a reception desk: the person on the other side of the desk speaks into the microphone and the sound is sent to the user's hearing devices
  • Can be used with the T programme or with the built-in earpiece – making it suitable for users who don’t have hearing aids or don’t have the T programme set.

Other features

  • Built-in microphone
  • Fully portable and lightweight
  • Long-life batteries: stated eight hours in continuous use, two days in standby, four months when turned off
  • Desk microphone included
  • 1m stated range


The Geemarc Loophear 101 has now been replaced by the Loophear 102 v2 which has the same features as the LH101 with a better microphone and the possibility to connect an external loop. 

Want to buy?

This is available to loan for free from our Technology Test Drive service for two months.