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Artone 3 Bluetooth neckloop and accessories

Photo: Artone 3 neckloop and accessories

Key feature

  • Small Bluetooth neckloop with built-in microphone, clip-on microphone, and TV transmitter

Other features

  • Neckloop has buttons to play, pause and skip music
  • Connects to hearing devices using the T Programme
  • Rechargeable
  • The neckloop can connect to the clip-on microphone and TV transmitter using Bluetooth. This means it's quite similar to streamers, but as it uses Bluetooth it works over a shorter distance

Want to buy?

  • To buy it, visit Sarabec
  • Typical price £100 (£120 inc VAT) for the neckloop, £49 (£58 inc VAT) for the TV transmitter and £79 (£95 inc VAT) for the clip-on microphone

These are available to loan for free from our Technology Test Drive service for one month. This is usually sent out as a set including the Artone 3 Max Wireless streamer (the neckloop), the Artone MIC Wireless Bluetooth microphone, and the Artone TVB TV transmitter. If you only like to borrow the neckloop, you can select this option when completing your loan request.