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Oticon Connectline Streamer Pro 1.3 A (Open) and accessories

Photo: Oticon Connectline Streamer

Key feature

  • Multi functional piece of equipment that can send sound from phones, tablets, TV or a small microphone directly to Oticon hearing aids

Other features

  • Works straight from the box - no set up required 
  • Accessories include a TV adapter, a phone adapter and a mini-microphone
  • Can be used with a range of hearing aids including the following NHS hearing aids: Spirit Synergy, Sensei Pro, Dynamo SP, Zest Plus, Zest Communicate SP, H160v2 Tinnitus
  • An audio lead is included for connection to products that don't have Bluetooth
  • Allows access to sound from loop systems
  • A radio aid receiver can be connected so it can pick up sound from a radio aid transmitter
  • Can be controlled using an app, available for both Apple and Android devices

Note: On the Technology Test Drive we loan the Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3 (Open) because it doesn’t need to be set up by an audiologist. If you decide to purchase one, or ask for it be provided for you, then you might want a Connectline Streamer Pro 1.3 - this model can work without a neckloop and has a slightly longer range. However, the Streamer Pro 1.3 will need to be paired to your hearing aids by an audiologist.

What families say:

 "My daughter always has to remove her hearing aids when speaking on the mobile or listening to music so she struggles to hear things around her. With the streamer, she can use the phone and mp3 players without removing her aids. She can hear me and cars around her while talking on the mobile or listening to music. The loan allowed us to work out if it would be beneficial to her to have one before we purchased one."
Mrs G

"Phone calls are better when you're wearing the streamer because you can hear it a lot better."
Tabitha (9), moderately deaf

Want to buy?

  • To buy it, visit Connevans
  • Typical price £149 (£179 inc VAT) for the Streamer Pro 1.3 Open. Accessory prices - £108 (£129 inc VAT) for the TV adapter, £81 (£97 inc VAT) for the phone adapter and £165 (£198 inc VAT) for the clip-on microphone

These are available to loan for free from our Technology Test Drive service for one month. This is usually sent out as a set including the TV adapter, phone adapter and clip-on microphone, unless requested otherwise.