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Oticon Medical Streamer for Ponto

Photo: Oticon Medical Streamer for Ponto

Key feature

  • Can be used with Oticon bone conduction devices -not with hearing aids
  • Can be controlled using an app, available for both Apple and Android devices

Other features

  • Works straight from the box - no set up required 
  • Accessories include a TV adapter, a phone adapter and a mini-microphone
  • Can be used with the following Oticon Medical implantable hearing solutions: Ponto Plus, Ponto Plus Power and Ponto 3
  • An audio lead is included for connection to products that don't have Bluetooth
  • Allows access to sound from loop systems
  • A radio aid receiver can be connected so it can pick up sound from a radio aid transmitter

What families say:

"This helps me with hearing teachers. It also helps me to hear music from iPhones, computers and many things. I love this so much."
Katy (9), moderately deaf

Want to buy?

  • To buy it, visit Connevans
  • Typical price £202 (£242 inc VAT) for the Medical Streamer for Ponto. Accessory prices - £108 (£129 inc VAT) for the TV adapter, £81 (£97 inc VAT) for the phone adapter and £165 (£198 inc VAT) for the clip-on microphone

These are available to loan for free from our Technology Test Drive service for one month. This is usually sent out as a set including the TV adapter, phone adapter and clip-on microphone, unless requested otherwise.