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How do I fill in the PIP2 form?

Photo: Make sure you read the booklet carefully before filling in the form

Filling in the How your disability affects you (PIP2) form can be complicated so you might want to ask your parents, or someone else who knows you well, to help.

It’s also a good idea to get advice from these places before your fill in the form or go to an assessment:

• our Helpline by emailing [email protected] or chatting online at livechat
local Citizens Advice
local welfare rights team.


• The form has a unique claim code so no one else can use it. This means you can only claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP) using this form, not one you downloaded or got from someone else.
• The form comes with an information booklet explaining more about how to fill it in
• Make sure you read the booklet carefully but remember you can contact the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or our Freephone Helpline by emailing [email protected] chatting online at livechat if there’s something you don’t understand.