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Frequently asked questions from parents

Our events for children and young people events are about more than just having fun and doing lots of different activities.

We aim to create a safe and deaf-friendly environment for deaf children and young people to try something new, improve their communication skills, meet deaf role models and gain confidence in communicating with others – whether it's through speech, sign or a mixture of both.

For more information, please e-mail [email protected] 

When should I complete an online application?

Each event has a specific deadline for applications. This will be clearly indicated on the relevant event section within the Events for children and young people page. We strongly advise that you get your application in on time to avoid disappointment. Usually we require your application around 8 weeks before the event.

Many of our events have a waiting list so it is important that you do not delay completing your application.

How will I know if I have a place?

The Activity Coordinator will contact you after the application deadline - usually within two weeks. Please note that whilst we try to offer a place for everyone, sometimes you may not be offered a place due to a variety of reasons.

The Activity Coordinator will discuss this with you. They may be able to offer you your second choice option or another event that you were not aware of.

Applications will only be accepted on receipt of the online application form.

To enable equal access to the events, we have to limit the number of events children can attend to one weekend residential and one adventure break per child each year.

What if my child can’t make the event?

Last minute cancellations or not showing up may impact on future applications and we urge parents to inform us of any need to cancel as soon as possible.

By submitting an application, you are agreeing that your child has every intention to attend the event and that you will only cancel due to unforeseen or emergency circumstances.

My child has additional needs - can they attend?

This will depend on the needs of your child and whether we can safely support them to fully access the event. We can accept children who need basic personal care and/or require low-level behavioural support on all youth events. We can then provide a higher level of support in relation to intimate personal care on our regulated events.

If you are still unsure whether we can accept your child on an event, please contact the events team on 0121 234 9820 or email [email protected] 

What if my child takes medication?

We have a strict medication policy and procedures that we expect all participants to adhere to.

Your child will be able to attend an event but we will require various information from you such as type of medication, prescribed dosage, labelled containers, when they are to take it etc. If your child arrives without the correct medication in the correct packaging they may be refused on the event.

It is important that you speak with the Activity Coordinator regarding the above.

How will you meet communication needs?

All deaf young people are welcome at our events and we offer communication support to meet everyone’s needs, whether they use British Sign Language, Sign Supported English or speech.

We encourage positive communication by using skilled deaf and hearing staff, who communicate clearly and repeat any instructions if necessary.

How will you take care of safety and welfare?

We make sure that every child feels happy, included and safe. All our events are risk assessed for extra safety issues in communicating with deaf young people.

The application for each event will ask you questions to help us understand more about your child/young person. We will also contact you to discuss your needs further.

How do I know if the events are good?

We are registered with Ofsted (England) and the Care Inspectorate (Scotland) who annually inspect our weekend and residential programmes, to ensure that we offer quality of service and are competent in managing the programmes offered.

The results of such inspections can be viewed on our website. You will also be able to see evaluation results from parent/carers and children and young people with comments about youth activity events.

What if I have a complaint?

You can contact us in many different ways. We want to try and resolve all complaints as quickly as possible.

If you are on an event, tell us face-to-face and we will try to sort out your problem there and then - sometimes we can’t but we will try our best.

After the event, you can contact us via e-mail.

What if I have cultural and dietary requirements?

Let us know if your child has any specific cultural or dietary requirements and we’ll work hard to make sure their needs are met.

We deliver all of our programmes based on our Informed Choice policy: while we will try to ensure your child follows your wishes, if they choose not to we cannot - and will not - force them.

However, we will discuss with them the impact of their choice and let them know we may contact their parents, especially if their choice puts their welfare and others at risk.

Can I get financial support for my child/young person to attend events?

Yes, but this is on a case-by-case basis and there is a specific criteria that will be assessed if you apply for an Inclusion Grant.

Inclusion Grants

The purpose of the Inclusion Grant is to support and enable deaf children and young people to access our youth activities. The grant helps them to attend an activity they otherwise would not have been able to, gaining a real sense of achievement. They improve their communication and confidence by making new friends and feel greater involvement in the choices affecting them.

The aim of the Inclusion Grant is to reach out to vulnerable deaf children and young people, who may otherwise have had restricted access to appropriate support, services or provision.

Assessment criteria will be used to assess individual case merits.

Please email [email protected]   for guidance on applying.