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Frequently asked questions

How do the family events work?

Workshops are led by a team of our staff and specialist sessions are led by professionals such as Teachers of the Deaf, speech and language therapists and audiologists.

Our events organiser will also be on hand to answer your questions and make sure you get the most out of the event.

Will there be accommodation available?

Accommodation is not usually available at these events. Please book the event closest to you. If there isn’t an event close to you, or travel may be an issue, please do discuss this with our events organisers when you make your booking.

Want to find out more?

Find events/activities taking place in your area.

Will meals be included at the event?

We provide lunch and refreshments for families attending these events. Any dietary requirements will be asked for in advance.

Do you need communication support at the event?

Families who require communication support in order to attend this event can ask for this when booking onto the event. We can arrange communication support including interpreters, notetakers and other types.

My child has additional complex needs as well as their deafness – can we attend this event?

Yes, you will still be able to attend the events but we ask that all parents/carers take full responsibility for undertaking invasive medical procedures and administrating medication whilst their child is in the approved crèche.

This includes tube feeding, suctioning, injections, changing of catheters, stoma care and the administering of any medications (with the exception of emergency medications such as an Epipen required during the crèche opening hours).

In the event your child becomes distressed or requires support with an invasive medical procedure, our staff and crèche staff will ask you to return to the crèche to support your child. This policy complies with new legislation around supporting disabled children at our events.

We cannot provide registered nurses at events.

For further information, or to discuss any specific issues please contact our Helpline team on 0808 800 8880 or email

Can’t attend an event but would like to find out more?

We have a number of information resources which share useful tips and resources that you can use with your deaf child.

Have a look at our information and support pages for information on this.

View the Council for Disabled Children's online learning module for more information about your child’s rights.