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Photo: We offer expert consultancy services about deaf children and young people

We undertake specialist consultancy work with professionals who work in a range of areas relating to deaf children and young people – and their families. As the leading organisation for deaf children, we draw on 70 years’ experience and understanding of their needs to help you improve your services.

This in an addition to our teams extensively consulting with families as well as deaf children and young people for our areas of work. Our work has involved projects working for public and voluntary sector organisations at a local and national level – in education, health and social care.

We listen carefully to your requirements and build the team of in-house specialists and trusted associates with the right mix of skills and knowledge to suit your project.

Choose from our menu of options to develop the consultancy project that meets your needs.

  • Quality – improvement through service reviews.
  • Participation – involving the voices of deaf children and young people and their families.
  • Inclusion – ensuring deaf-friendly workplaces and leisure activities.
  • Safety – safeguarding and child protection.
  • Accessibility – making the best use of the environment and technology.
  • Assessment of needs – understanding needs and achieving improved outcomes.
  • Transition planning – supporting deaf young people into further study and employment.
  • Provision –needs and gap analysis; service model options and approaches to achieve change.