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Deaf awareness training

Photo: Our deaf awareness workshop will help you understand what it takes to communicate with deaf people

Do you work with deaf children and young people? Are you anxious about communicating with them, including them, or offending them? Do you want to find out more about how to communicate with them and make sure they feel included?

Being inclusive isn't as hard as you might think. Our deaf awareness workshop will help you understand the simple steps it takes to communicate and include deaf people in activities and everyday situations.

What we do

Our 'Signature' nominated tutor delivers first-class deaf awareness training. Through practical exercises and group work, this half-day workshop will empower you to communicate with deaf people more effectively and make it easier for you to build a rapport. You'll take away simple tips that can be instantly used in your workplace.

Topics covered:

  • Gestures vs BSL - how should I be communicating?
  • Basic etiquette - tips to help you include a deaf person in communications and everyday situations
  • Basic fingerspelling
  • Different groups and needs - is communication support needed, can we adapt our environment?
  • Lip reading - how important is it to deaf people? Find out how it works and how effective it is
  • Useful resources to aid communication

Enquire and book

We deliver this Deaf awareness training a bespoke package, tailored to your organisation's needs and delivered at a location that suits you.

To find out more about and how we can work with you to support deaf people, build professional development and embrace diversity or to book your bespoke training package, please enquire below or contact us at [email protected].

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Who is the training for?

This training is for all professionals that work with deaf children and young people.

What do delegates say?

"Very well delivered session, interactive and clear." 

"Session was very informative and was a fantastic general overview of everything. Lots of meaningful interactions." 

" . . . I now feel more confident interacting with a deaf person, thank you."