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Posted by teensyvetjen
04/08/20 07:31 AM

Hi there

I have a 4mth old with bilateral moderate sensorineural loss worse at high frequencies who was aided at 6weeks. 
I understand he will be eligible for DLA but just looking for some useful things to include in the application given his age and hearing loss levels as I understand the application is about how things are more difficult for him compared to a fully hearing child but currently not finding things too challenging fortunately so struggling for relevant things to include at this age.

any advice would be much appreciated and thanks in advance.

Posted by denise ndcs moderator
13/08/20 11:54 AM

Hi there,  

Thanks for joining Your Community - it is very new and parents are still joining. We know completing the DLA form can be a difficult process so hopefully some other parents will soon share their experiences on what they found helpful.. 

It is great to hear that you are not finding things too challenging so far. Although it might not feel like it there are likely lots of extra things you are doing to support your baby that you wouldn’t have to do if he was hearing. For example you mention he has hearing aids, everything you’re doing to help him use these will be extra. 

You can find more examples in our factsheet to help you complete the forms for children who are under three years old.

It can also be useful to keep a daily diary for a few days, recording everything you do for your child because of their hearing loss. And we have information about what you can include as supporting evidence too.   

If you need any further help you can always contact our Helpline.

Take care


Posted by flower90
14/08/20 08:20 AM

Hiya I got in touch with our local member of the ndcs who came to the house to visit us and gave us lots of guidance on how to complete the form. He also wrote us a supporting letter.

Posted by mrscraig
14/08/20 11:44 AM

Just a tip, keep a photocopy of all the forms that you submit. This will really help when it comes to renewing DLA at a later date or should you need to appeal.