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Delayed speech/adenoids & congestion

Posted by tipper
19/08/20 02:00 PM

My son is almost 6 and was diagnosed at 3 months. He's had very delayed speech. He only started talking when he was almost 4.5. His speech is still not overly clear but because I'm with him all the time I understand most things he says. School was bringing him on leaps and bounds so I can't wait for him to get back. 

His speech therapist now thinks there may be an issue with his adenoids as he is always congested in the mornings and she also hears it in the way he speaks. I'm just wondering if anyone else has any experience of adenoid/congestion problems and what was the outcome. Hoping to see consultant soon but not sure how long due to COVID restrictions.

Thanks in advance x

Posted by missmoo
31/08/20 08:52 AM


I had a similar experience with one of my boys at 4 years old. The speech therapist had gone to school to observe his twin who has moderate/severe hearing loss and afterwards she commented that he spoke like a child with hearing loss (he passed several hearing tests and was discharged from audiology). The consultant checked his adenoids and stated they were very large, and were probably what were causing him to snore and be cough at night. 

He had them removed which were no trouble at all. He was right as rain the next day. It helped a little with the snoring but the cough was subsequently diagnosed as asthma so was treated by inhalers. 

Hope this helps. 


Posted by happyc
04/03/21 09:32 PM

Hi I have 3 hearing impaired girls. My 6 Year old has a mixed hearing loss. Every time her glue ear worsened they would adjust the hearing aids to compensate until she was hearing so little that we decided to do grommets. I suspected she had enlarged adenoids as she had sever sleep apnea and was sleeping with a cpap machine to help a breathe. One surgery was over her hearing returned to moderate, her sleeping was fine and yes her speech improved too. She had surgery just over a year ago and seen her ENT twice since then who is really happy with how everything worked out.