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Posted by ctw
20/08/20 06:50 PM

My daughter is now 11 months old and was diagnosed with bilaernal hearing loss when she was a few weeks old, following probable (unconfirmed) meningitis and spepis at birth. It has only just been confirmed that her loss is moderate  and she was given two aids last week. Unfortunately COVID 19 stopped us from having further hearing tests and getting the aids any earlier. 

She is not very good at wearing them at all, but I understand it may take a while. I would be interested to know what experiences other parents and caters have had regarding this.  

My  husband and I are feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all and I would love to get some support but don't really fully understand what is available to us. I would love to hear how other parents have managed to keep hearing aids in, especially in girls as my daughters hair is now brushing the back of the aids and I wonder if that is causing more distress? unfortunately her hair is too fine for clips to stay in place. We were given some sticky tape to help keep the aids in place, but I am not sure where we should put the tape - the top of the ear, or the skull? What is best?

I am also trying to find childcare and have been conscious about finding the right environment in a nursery - soft furnishing, not too many people, staff with appropriate training and experience etc. I have also been looking into a childminder as I thought this might be a better environment for a baby with HI, however childminders are not getting back to me and I am wondering if it is because they don't want a baby with aids and extra needs? 

Posted by denise ndcs moderator
26/08/20 08:38 AM


It sounds like you've been through a lot and we can certainly understand how you and your husband are feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all. Thank you for sharing - I'm sure many people reading this can empathise. It's great that you're looking for tips and thinking about what will be best for your daughter. 

There's already a couple of threads with other parents discussing things you've mentioned that you may want to look at and comment on too: 

Starting nursery

Helping babies to understand they need to wear aids

Take care


Posted by flower90
27/08/20 05:21 PM

Hiya, sounds like this has all happened in a time where its been difficult to access resources etc.

My little girl is the same she wears 2 aids and has done since she was 12 weeks old. 

At first we used headbands to hold them in place and to stop her pulling them but she quickly realised that she could pull the head and off. We used the tape till recently. Is it like the double sided sticky tape? I cut a small but and stuck it to the side of the hearinf aid that would sit against her skin, then when i was putting them in make sure her hair was out the way and stick it down behind the ear where the hearing aid naturally sits. My little one is now 14 months and we have had a rough few months with her pulling them out but I think we are finally coming out the other side of it. Feel free to message me if there's anything else u have questions with, I'm by no means an expert but can fully sympathise with you xx

Posted by mrsm
31/08/20 08:54 AM


It's tough trying to deal with all the new information that gets thrown at you at a time like this, you have all my sympathy! 

My son is now 4 and has had 2 aids (and variations on a theme depending on test results!) Since he was 9 weeks old. It is tricky trying to keep them in, especially at that age. When they're tiny they don't notice but then they find their ears! I would say use the aids for short periods of time and just build it up gradually. My son wears his all the time now but it took us some time, so just hang in there!! 

With regards to keeping them in, we never used the clips I found them too heavy, we use toupee/body tape (I get mine on amazon) which was recommended by a staff member in our local audiology dept. It's slightly sticker that the hearing aid specific stickers so I've found it holds a little better. Just be cautious you don't get any hair stuck to it as it can pull it out a little. We just stick a small strip to the aid and then press gently behind the ear so it sticks.

We were very fortunate in nursery provision and it never caused any problems, but I would suggest getting touch with your local Teacher for the Deaf. They can support yourself and any childcare provision  in the best possible way.

Hang in there, you'll get there!